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Situated high above the Blue Mountains and surrounded by the private and serene Shola Nature Reserve, Sande’s Restaurant offers stunning panoramic views of the Nilgiri Hills from every direction. This hidden Gem offers elegance, luxury and a fine dining experience that is above and beyond what you can find in Kotagiri and the surrounding areas. Sande’s Restaurant is a celebration of Indian culture, flavours & hospitality. Immerse yourself in a sensory spice experience A awaken your tastebuds with our modern Indian menu, showcasing the very best of India’s exotic flavours. We cater to clients who enjoy vegetarian and non vegetarian delicacies / Bring Sande’s ultimate dining experience outdoors. Enjoy all of your favourite culinary delights on our lawn overlooking the stunning tea plantations of the Nilgiri Hills. Surround yourself with nature, great food and a first class view!

In Room Dining Option

When the comforts of your fabulous villa are too hard to leave.Sit back, relax and let us bring our culinary delights to you. Farview Mountain Resort Villas offer a first-class in room dining menu for breakfast. Lunch,Snacks and Dinner. Whether it's a complimentary morning English or Indian style breakfast at your own table, freshly brewed Nilgiri tea on your private veranda or family dinner around the fireplace watching the beautiful sunset, our in-room dining offers ultimate indulgence.

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