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Farview South Indian Tour Package – 14 Days

Note to our guests for your information

Please be advised you will only be able to purchase rupees once you are in India. This is due to the government restricting the movement of currency outside India.

Breakfast             8.30-10:00am – Included

Lunch                    1:00-3:00pm –   A La Carte

Dinner                  7.30-9.30pm–    A La Carte

  • Please be aware that Lunch and dinner must be pre ordered at least 2 hours before to allow our kitchen staff enough time to prepare and provide a delicious, fresh cooked meal for you.
  • On days where you are out on trips, a prearranged meal can be organised for you if you so wish. If not, you will be responsible for purchasing our own meal that day.

Day 1:

Collect from the airport, enjoy a free day, unpack and settle in.

Day 2:

Your driver will collect you from Farview at 9am and drive you to Ooty where you will be able to explore the exciting marketand shopping before returning to Farview.

Day 3 – 4

Leave Farview at 5am for your trip to Jungle Hut. Have your camera ready as the drive through the reservation, could reveal some wild encounters en-route.

On arrival relax and enjoy the resort with options for guided tours, a swim in the pool, or just a relaxing drink and some food while you watch the wildlife walk by.

All meals included with this stay, drinks and snacks are extra.

Please note some walks can be steep and you will need suitable footwear and light trousers

Day 5

Enjoy a big breakfast, before setting out for Mysore Palace with your driver.

Once here you can enjoy a guided tour of the palace and explore the area before heading to your hotel where you can relax and freshen up before heading out to dinner. On your return, relax and enjoy the evening.

Day 6

After breakfast you can visit the beautiful Brindavan Gardens or see the chamundi hill and bull followedby lunch and your return journey to Farview for a late dinner.

Day 7

Free day

Day 8

Your driver will collect you at 7:30am and take you toMettupalayam station where at 9:10am you will experience the famous Toy Train to Coonoortaking approx 3 hrs. Look out for some spectacular scenery with your camera at the ready. Your driver will meet you off the train and take you into town for shopping or sightseeing, before returning toFarview.

Day 9

Early start to the day leaving at 5.15am to visit Kodanad viewpoint. This will be a gentle 10min walk to the platform with some spectacular views (Weather permitting), so don’t forget your camera!

You will then return to Farview for breakfast before being picked up by your driver to visit Catherine Waterfalls.

Day 10

After breakfast your driver will collect you, for a visit to Kotagiri town to experience the sights, sounds and smells as well as an opportunity for a bit of shopping. Then return for lunch before heading out tovisit the exotic fruits and spice gardens of Burliar. Have a walk around take in the sights and smells and buy some of the local produce to bring back home.

Day 11

Get your pen and paper ready as you enjoy a master cook class with our chef. Watch and learn how to make an authentic south Indian curry onsite at the restaurant. Then enjoy with a drink as you appreciate the views.

Day 12

Enjoy a tour of Farview Tea Plantation with an opportunity to pick your own tea and see how the workers do it, then visit the Ella Tea Factory where you will see what happens to the leaves from delivery to packaging. Following lunch, you will be able to enjoy a fun tea tasting session, sampling different grades of tea. So, relax and enjoy the views with a nice cuppa. 

Day 13

After breakfast, enjoy a trip to the Government Botanical Gardens for a leisurely walk, followed by any last minutes shopping before heading back to Farview for an evening BBQ and a night around the bonfire.

Day 14

Pack and prepare for the journey home.

Lunch will be provided.

Tour is based on a Saturday to Friday timetable; however, this can be changed if needed. The toy train day trip (day 8) must be on a Saturday, so if different start days are used, this will have to be changed to ensure a Saturday is used.

Cost for the tour is Rs147,000 (USD$2040 AUD$3000 & GBP£1675 approx.)per person or Rs217,000 (USD$3000 AUD$4430 & GBP£2470 approx.)per couple.

Prices may vary due to differences in exchange rates.

This does NOT include flights.

Included in the tour

  • Airport pick up and drop off from Bengaluru, Coimbatore or Cochin.
  • Accommodation
  • Meals (Please see top of page for stipulations).
  • Driver for all trips where needed.
  • All day trips.
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